How to Plan a Funeral


Steps for Planning a Funeral

When the death of a loved one occurs it can be emotionally and physically overwhelming to deal with all of the details in arranging a funeral. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. Although, there are steps that can make this process go a bit more smoothly. In this article you will find many tips, hints and instructions on what to do if and when you find yourself in this situation.

First Notification of Passing

Making the proper phone calls soon after the death is priority. First and foremost, when the death has been unattended or was due to unknown circumstances, the local police department needs to be called and the death reported. It is imperative to notify the proper authorities. Calling the family physician, coroner or medical examiner is next. Unless the deceased passed away in the hospital, then the staff there will handle that part.

Second Notification of Passing

Secondly, Once the proper authorities have been notified next is family members as well as the lawyer of the deceased. Hopefully, there will be a pre-arranged funeral plan that the attorney can provide you with to make the next few days easier. The other important phone call to make would be to the funeral home, which is usually included in the pre-arranged funeral plan, to transfer the body. If one has not been selected then you will need to call and find one.

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Find Their Pre-Planning Documents

If your loved one has considered death before passing, there may be important documents like a will or a list of instruction on what to do with the remains. In this burial plan, many intensely personal preferences of the deceased will be addressed, including decisions on preferred funeral home, method of interment, choice of casket and cemetery, even the clothes to be worn and items the deceased wants to be in the casket.

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