Lowering Final Expense Insurance for Seniors

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#1 Way to Lower Final Expense Insurance Rates:
Plan Your Funeral

When you pass, your family will want to pull out all the stops to honor you, not considering the expense associated with the acts. If you plan your funeral in advance, you can set limits on the ceremonies and services that will need to be paid for, lowering the amount of final expense insurance you'll need to purchase and your premiums will drop as well.

#2 way to Lower Your Final Expense Insurance Rates
Buy Your Policy Early

The older you are when you buy your policy the higher your final expense insurance rates will be. So, the best time to buy your policy is now, especially if you are 50 years old or older.

#3 Way to Lower Your Final Expense Insurance Rates
Shop Different Insurance Companies

The last way to lower your final expense insurance rates is to shop around. The best way to do this is to find a broker that represents several insurance carriers like eFinal Expense. Our compassionate and knowledgeable final expense counselors will shop several companies to get you the best rate possible on the final expense policy you need.