Final Expense Planning for Seniors

Seniors: Show a Final Measure of Love

Having lived as long as we have, we seniors understand the pain and loss felt when we lose someone close to us. Because we care, we want to spare our family as much trouble when we pass. Making our final expense plans will help us serve our family one last time.

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Making a Final Expense Plan for Seniors

One of the most troubling things to do when assailed by grief is to try to organize someone else's debts, responsibilities and desires. So, we consider these things as we make our final expense plan.

Organize Finances

Gather all your debt-related paperwork. Especially important are any credit life policies you might have, loan papers, retirement fund statements and social security and/or veterans benefits plans. Make sure your executor will be able to calculate debt and file claims on any benefits you have earned.

Get Important Papers Together

Your most important papers should be kept in one location, and tell two or three family members where they are kept. This way, there will be someone who will know where they are when needed. Some things to package together are your will, living will, life insurance policy, burial policy, cemetery plot deeds, and your preferences for disposition of your remains.

Final expense planning for seniors is the last measure of love you can show...
Don't let it go undone.