About Final Expense Insurance Rates

What Affects the Rates of my Final Expense Insurance Policy?

Final expense insurance rates are determined much like any other insurance policy. The insurance counselor helping you choose your burial insurance plan will gather some information from you to determine the level of "risk" and then, if you have a good counselor, will check the different final expense insurance companies to get you the burial life policy you need at the rate you are able to pay.

At eFinal Expense, we check dozens of final expense insurance providers to get you the best rate possible.

What Information Will Be Needed?

The information needed by your final expense insurance counselor will vary based on the companies being checked. Since some final expense insurance companies use different criteria to determine your rates (much like auto insurance companies), there may be a lot of information needed. Be patient... if you have a skilled, experienced counselor like those from eFinal Expense, the counselor will only get the information absolutely necessary to get you an affordable rate on your final expense insurance plan.

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How Long Will It Take to Learn My Rates?

Once your final expense insurance counselor has all the information needed, your application will be submitted instantly. Your rates should be determined within a few minutes after submission, allowing you to choose from different carriers. You may select either the cheapest rate possible or go with a slightly higher rate on your final expense insurance policy because of personal preference.

We Help You Find the Best, Most Affordable Final Expense Insurance Rates, and allow you to choose the one you want. Make the next choice the smart choice.

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