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eFinal Expense Means Insurance...

Many companies out there have their foundations in general business. Without a background in insurance, these companies can't really understand your needs or be able to write the best, lowest premium policy you deserve. Our clients refer their friends to us because, to them, eFinal Expense means "insurance".

eFinal Expense Means Experience...

We have been around for years, and are structured to remain in your service for many years to come. Combine that with the primary focus of our company being insurance, and you are assured of having an agent who will be with you for all your insurance needs.

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eFinalExpense.com is a subsidiary of Outlook Holding Group and controlled by Outlook Life.
If you are looking for life insurance or annuities in addition to your Final Expense needs, please visit us at

eFinal Expense Means Service...

With all the experience we have in insuring people for health, life and final expenses, you can rest easy knowing you're well taken care of and your family's needs will be our main concern when you want us to be there the most.

eFinal Expense Means...

Our agency has long standing relationships with carriers so that we can get you the best possible rates. We ask the questions they ask, so that we can match you with the lowest rate you qualify for, and to help keep you from being declined.

eFinal Expense Means Affordability...

We serve those with perfect health, those with health problems, and those with other risk factors. If at all possible we put you with policies that will pay 100% of the death benefit from day one. Our number one interest is your needs, and getting you a policy that will be there when you need it.

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