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Disposition of Remains

Choosing a Mortuary...

Mortuaries, also referred to as funeral homes, offer complete service to the family of the deceased. There are also alternative funeral service providers that offer packaged plans. The funeral director is a professional that will help you sort through the decisions that need to be made regarding the body as well as the ceremonies.

Eulogies and Obituaries

Writing and publishing the announcement of death in the obituaries is another thing to consider. Keep in mind, when doing these things, that you want to show your respect to your loved one with your decisions. When you're able to do this, it will also help you with the grieving process knowing you planned and executed these decisions in a way to honor the memory of your loved one.

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Containers and Markers

Deciding on the casket or urn is one of the first decisions made at the funeral home as well as the outer burial container, which most cemeteries require the casket to be placed in. When deciding on the grave marker keep in mind there are many choices. They can be made out of granite, marble or metals. Make sure to find out about your cemetery regulations concerning grave markers.

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