How to Plan a Funeral (continued) (back to Disposition)

Funeral Services

When planning the ceremonies some important things to consider would be where will the ceremonies be held? Who will be participating in the ceremonies such as pallbearers, speakers, clergy, military (if the deceased was active duty/veteran), or what type of music, if any, will be played. Do not forget to consider whether or not there will be a procession to the cemetery and what mode of transportation you may need for the body as well as family members.

Legal Needs

Planning and executing the funeral, unfortunately, is not the end of responsibilities. The legalities following the funeral must be addressed as well. Make sure to consider the following:

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Wading through all of these decisions is a tough, tiring and difficult chore. As you can see, if you go into this with a plan of attack, it can be smoother and make for an easier grieving process. Knowing you have provided well thought out arrangements for your loved one, can and will make the grieving process easier.

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