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What is Funeral Life Insurance?

With the economic problems facing most seniors today, many struggle with trying to get enough money put away for their final expenses when they pass on. This source of stress can be easily overcome by a funeral life insurance policy. Taking this step will also ease the burdens on your survivors as well.

Saving Your Survivors Stress

When you pass, your survivors will have enough to worry about as they go through their grieving process without adding the thought of finding the money to pay for your expenses. Having a funeral life insurance policy in effect is just one more way you can show them you care.

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How Much Funeral Life Insurance Do I Need?

With the rising costs of funeral expenses and other costs associated with death, it can be hard to know exactly how much money to put aside for your final, funeral expenses. Depending on your personal and religious preferences, your funeral expenses can range from as low as $800 (direct cremation, no services) to tens of thousands of dollars. We suggest getting a funeral life insurance policy for $20,000 for most people.

What Insurance Company is Best?

Not every insurance carrier will provide funeral life insurance policies, and many have little experience at issuing the policies. This can result in a policy that is not right for you or too expensive or, even worse, from a company that cannot be counted on to pay when its time. It isS best you find a company that has experienced counselors as well as several insurance carriers, so you can be more assured of getting the best policy for your needs.