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About Burial Life Insurance

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What is Burial Life Insurance?

Burial Life Insurance, just like any final expense insurance policy is a life insurance policy made out for a lower amount than your regular life insurance policies. The reason it is for a lower amount is the purpose it serves, which is to pay for the expenses associated with ones passing such as purchasing a cemetery plot, morticians fees and crematory/burial services.

How Much Burial Life Insurance Do I Need?

Since a burial life insurance policy is designed to pay for your funeral expenses, the face value of the policy should be enough to only cover the final expense that haven't already been paid for. For instance, if a person already has a cemetery plot, they would only need to arrange for the services. If nothing has been arranged, then more will be needed.

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How Much Will My Funeral Cost?

As of 2010, the disposition of your remains can cost anywhere from $800 (direct cremation, no services) to many thousands of dollars. It all depends on your wishes, your family wishes, and the money you want to spend. With a good burial life insurance policy, you can choose the type of service you want and not have to worry too much about the costs.

What Happens If My Burial Life Policy is More Than Needed?

Your burial life insurance policy is for a pre-set amount, so, once your funeral costs are paid, that entire balance not used will be paid to your beneficiary. So, you are guaranteed to receive the value you have paid for. It will just be paid to your survivors.